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— by DeusInvictus DeusInvictus
Hi my name is Carl, I actually was talking with Thiago by e-mail back in June about improving the ladder editor.  I thought if I could find the time I would be willing to try and contribute.   I figured a UI written in Qt that could be compiled on Windows/Mac/Linux would be useful.  My reasoning for this was

1. Cross Platform
2. Qt/C++ is the PC Programming language/widget set I'm most familiar with.

My biggest concern at the time was would I have time to actually spend on the project, and I told him I would try and find some time to get some stuff going and get back with him and see what he thinks.  Unfortunately I had some personal problems crop up about 2 weeks later, and never started doing anything.  I am still interested in helping, and having the time is still a concern for me, but I think I have a bit more time to work on stuff, and could use the distraction of a project to work on.  Arnav, what kind of thoughts did you have in mind, since you are also interested in Linux support? Are you familiar with Qt/C++, do you have something else in mind?  Perhaps we could try and collaborate and get something going?