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— by Arnav Gupta Arnav Gupta
I  am a software guy, and have some LADDER experience. First thing I did was rush to see if your source is on Github and if I can help in building the IDE.

Saddened to see two things

 1. Source not on github (Why?)
 2. Windows-only targetted audience. (again why? If it's an open source project, you'll get huge support from the Linux crowd)

Instead of the C# based project, we could fork Processing, and create the Ladder Editor from that.

Arduino and Fritzing are exammples of Processing's versatility. From PCB graphic design to Atmega binary compiling and uploading, a lot can be done. I am sure handling Ladder wouldn't be hard.

Also I would love to contribute to this project (mainly from the perspective of developing Arduino <--> OpenPLC interfacing libraries, and on the IDE (Ladder Editor). So where do I start with that ? smiley